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The Counteroffer: Negotiating a Real Estate Deal

Posted by D'Unger Team on August 09, 2018 in No Category
Buying a home is rarely as simple as making an offer and paying that offer out. Negotiations can go back and forth for weeks before the seller and buyer are both satisfied. The vehicle for this negotiation is the counteroffer — a vital and complex rejection and counter to an offer made by either party. Counteroffers are typically handled between real estate agents and are time sensitive. Selling or buying a home is more of a process than a transaction, so it’s important to understand counter... read more
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Buying Your First Home? Plan for These Hidden Costs

Posted by D'Unger Team on August 02, 2018 in  Home Buying
You’re excited because you just found the perfect home. The neighborhood is great, the house is charming and the price is right. But if you’re a first-time home buyer, you might find out that the price is pretty far from perfect. If you’re shopping for your first home, prepare for additional — and often unexpected — home-buying costs. They catch many home buyers unaware and can quickly leave you underwater on your new home. Expect the unexpected For almost every person wh... read more
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Patios Can Appeal To Buyers

Posted by D'Unger Team on July 26, 2018 in  Home Buyers
Depending on where you live, a patio might not be the kind of thing you think about during the cold, and maybe snowy, winter months. But a patio is what many people enjoy on a sunny warm afternoon. It just feels good to sit outside and sip some iced tea or lemonade. That's the picture your real estate agent would want to capture when listing your home for sale. Patios are appealing because they can create a sense of peace, open space, freedom, and they can seem to extend the square footage of livable space on... read more
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Thinking about buying a home this summer? The sunniest time of year is great for exploring new neighborhoods and visualizing future patio parties during viewings. But before you start any serious shopping, it’s important to understand what the housing market is like for buyers right now, and what you can do to end up with the best home—and the best price—for you. The housing market should be just as strong this summer as it’s been all spring. Existing home sales an... read more
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Looking For A New Cave?

Posted by D'Unger Team on July 19, 2018 in No Category
US home sales are down 2% for the first half of this year, BUT the Dallas area continues to outperform, with year to date sales up 4% over last year's figures. In May, sales were up 9% over a year ago. In fact, in May there were 11,303 homes sold in the area, which is the largest number ever in a single month in North Texas. Median home prices were also at a new record level, up 5% in May to $266,500 (the national average is $264,800). Just three years ago, the median sales price was $190,000, per th... read more
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