Marian D'Unger

Marian D'Unger

Marian D’Unger, a Corpus Christi native, relocated to the Dallas area over twenty years ago starting a new life and new career! Since becoming a Realtor, she has earned the respect of her peers for her integrity, professionalism and high production. Marian, a published author and a former radio talk-show host in Dallas featuring news from the real estate market, stressed and still stresses the importance of knowing the difference between The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys in the building industry. Her book, “On The Level…New Home Construction Nailed Down”, will answer many questions a new home buyer should be asking their builder. The value of understanding what a buyer has the right to expect, as a minimum acceptable quality, is immeasurable. She stresses the importance of knowing the “what and why” of the home’s construction from behind the walls and under flooring to proper procedures for other stages such as site prep, engineering for water injection, plumbing, insulation, post tension slab foundation (how to make sure it’s done correctly and carefully monitored), framing (a critical part of the home), as well as noting all the finish details that complete a quality home. Over the past 12 years, Marian has been conducting construction seminars designed to present a comprehensive review of the many facets of new home construction from lot prep (incl. engineering and water injection) through the final punch out of the finished home. It is not intended to be a summary of the project but a chronological check list of what is needed to build a home that meets or exceeds the project’s realistic quality expectations. Marian has received the New Home Construction Specialist (NHCS) designation from TREC (The Texas Real Estate Commission). Marian has been approved as an instructor from the commission for the NHCS designation. Marian is happy to share her expertise with other Real Estate Agents as well as Consumers. Marian is a proud member of the Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors. Marian and her husband Gerald, an attorney, have been happily married for 32 years. They have 2 daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren. She attended Del Mar College and is a member of St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Coppell. She left behind previous careers as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, a public speaker for the oil and gas industries, as well as a petroleum landman. Her skills in negotiating contracts in the petroleum industry as well as her experience in sales and marketing in the fashion industry have carried over to improve her proficiency in the real estate industry. In her spare time, Marian enjoys traveling and playing with her grandchildren. In addition, she has worked for years rescuing and taking care of animals in need.


“I always receive outstanding service from Marian D’Unger! She really knows the market and gives excellent advice. She was available to show me a house with short notice and she is so knowledgeable about foundation issues. I consider her a great friend. She couldn’t be better!” – Linda Jackson

“Marian is very knowledgeable about the market, quality of the construction and the factors that are important for resale. Her level of service and commitment to her clients is outstanding! She is the best in the business.” – Jack Mendenhall

“Outstanding Service! We would use no other agent. Marian has made a significant difference each time we have used her to buy or sell. Outstanding! Extremely knowledgeable in all areas especially construction.” – Rich Pierce

“Marian and her Team were a pleasure to work with and I would/will user her again to buy/sell and properties that I am interested in moving forward.”- Donna Poplawski

“Marian does a fantastic job of teaching people about new construction.  She knows the nuts and bolts (literally) sometimes better than the builders themselves.  She also knows how to communicate this information to others on a level they can understand and appreciate.

Marian is my first call when I need information on this subject.  I highly recommend Marian and her class.” – Blair Taylor, Broker / Advisor / Manager

“As a consistent top producing agent for Coldwell Banker Residential in Dallas-Fort Worth, over 1/3 of my business is selling new construction homes to clients. A huge part of my success over the years is attributed to the training and education I have received from my mentor Marian D’Unger. She is a staple in the residential real estate industry and has by far the most comprehensive knowledge of new construction and the building process.

I specialize in new construction sales because of the knowledge I have obtained from Marian over the years. My customers are amazed at the magnitude of moving parts during the construction process and that their real estate professional has the ability to make sure the process moves smoothly. There are a ton of builders in the metroplex but there are a specific few that are truly outstanding. Marian’s education process has been invaluable to my success as a BROKER in DFW enabling me to provide knowledge and customer service to clients that very few real estate agents possess. Her classes, books, and speaking presentations are comprehensive, educational and have details that are imperative for a truly successful residential build job.

Marian D’Unger is truly the best, and has become family and an integral part of my life.” – Geoff Walsh, Broker

“In 2001, Marian and I met to discuss my new business venture as a real estate agent. After a short discussion I realized how valuable it would be for me to work with such a knowledge successful agent. As a new agent, Marian was instrumental in providing her knowledge in new construction and instruction on how to build a solid referral business. As my business continued to grow by utilizing the skills she provided, I was able, after two years, to establish my own team. My status in the organization as the number two sales person is a direct reflection of having Marian as my mentor. I will be forever grateful.” – Frankie Arthur

“Marian D’Unger (Diamond Club 2014) specializes in new home sales and construction, in fact over 70 per cent of her sales last year were new homes.  She is an expert and a speaker regarding new home construction, teaching agents what to look for in soil, laying out and pouring the foundation, treatment of the concrete, walls, rafters, windows, roof, insulation factors, etc.  In fact she has written a book on the subject and has spoken at many events.  She spoke at our 2015 Business Symposium this year and I was reminded how popular her topic is with the agents.  She truly teaches them how they can bring value to the new home construction process, and thereby the clients feel good in their agent receiving a commission.  Numerous of the well-known builders have had her speak at various conferences, etc.  There are two reasons for her willingness to share: 1) she loves the topic and sharing with agents, 2) she could always use referrals.” – Mark Wolfe, Broker

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